Gundi Gabrielle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 112

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to optimizing your website and blog posts for SEO and RANK IN GOOGLE5-Star Review from "Reader's Favorite":"The author realizes that most bloggers get cold chills at the thought of SEO, and they usually put it off as something to be explored at a later date, preferably much later. In this guide, she offers the reluctant blogger any number of compelling reasons why procrastination will more than likely end up making them spend more time later on than if they do it right the first time. She also shows that optimizing SEO is really not as hard and arcane as most people believe. From a concise explanation of what ranking is, and why it’s so important, to selecting and properly using keywords, Gabrielle makes no assumptions as to the reader’s prior experience with SEO, and she sets out clear and simple instructions for every step in the process.Gundi Gabrielle’s ...
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