Gundi Gabrielle
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 114

A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to optimizing your website and blog posts for SEO and RANK IN GOOGLEHave you ever wondered how websites end up on page 1 in Google - and…. why your site isn’t there?Does it just “happen”?Is it luck?Do you need to know someone at Google?Or…… are there actual techniques that can help you get to #1?The good news is: there are!The Art of Ranking in Google is called SEO and people who do it well, make a LOT of money!Why?Because the higher you rank, the more people will visit your site = potential customers -> the more money you can make.SEO is a form of internet marketing, just like Google or Facebook Ads, yet a lot more effective and stable once set up - and in the long run, far less expensive!For blogging purposes, SEO is next to Kindle Publishing the most effective strategy to grow an audience long term - and also, to market affiliate products (=monetize ...
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