Healthy Plus, Jenny Power
ASIN: B06X17HY34
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Pages: 249

Your Must-Have Instant Pot Cookbook for your Electric Pressure Cooker!Be Smart And Get the Most From Your Pressure Cooker With Our CookbookGreat Variety of Slow Cooker Recipes, No Cooking Experience Needed, Fast and Easy,Suitable for Everyone, Step By Step Instructions!Feeding ourselves is a necessity of life. The art of cooking brings creativity and inventiveness to food, elevating it from a basic necessity to an art that enriches our experience. Unfortunately, people shy away from the kitchen for fear that food preparation is too stressful for their busy everyday lives. Not only is the slow cooker a time saver, it also simplifies the cooking process besides giving you delicious and nutrition-rich meals at the end of a busy day.This must-have Instant Pot cookbook contains plenty of nutrition-rich, flavorful recipes both for the busy professional and for you and your family in ...
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