Danny Wayfinder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 47

In How To Make A Living Off The Land, Danny Wayfinder shows you how to lead an outdoor lifestyle of fun and adventure—and earn a decent income.Danny has trekked thousands of miles all over the northwest – he's logged over seven thousand miles in 5 different states – and has funded it all by collecting nature's bounty along the way. Rather than work the 9 to 5 he has discovered how he can do what he loves – spending time in the great outdoors – and make a handsome living.Danny is a non-traditionalist. He does not believe in working a traditional job, but he also did not have the means to homestead due to the traditional system hyper-inflating the costs of land and equipment to do what should be available to all. Thinking creatively, he discovered a system which allows him to get back to mother nature, while still being able to provide for the necessities in life.Not content to ...
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