Elaine Young
Publisher: Dreams of Love Publishing
Pages: 996

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. It also contains steamy romance scenes sure to entice you!The Pregnant Preacher’s Daughter As the daughter of a preacher Ruby knows there is a lot of pressure on her to be a good role model for the girls around her, but she can’t admit to them that her father has banned her from the English world.She’s used to being controlled and accepts it- until her father bans her from seeing her friend. That leads to one night in the English world. One night that will change the course of her entire life. At first she thinks it’s God’s plan for her, but after a month she’s not so sure. That is, until she meets Luke.Luke left his community and wants to start fresh at a new one, where he stays with the preacher and his family- and meets Ruby. When he finds out her biggest secret he can’t help wanting to save ...
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