Helena Owen
Publisher: unknown
Pages: N/A

Lesbian Fantasy RomanceBonus books available in this copy! Oria has a mission, one she can share with no one—not even her crew. While they believe they’re on their way to bring medical supplies to the wounded of humanity’s outer colonies, in fact they’re bringing top secret intelligence to the human military. It’s intelligence that shakes the very foundation of human society, for the truth is that humanity has just been handed a terrible setback in their war against the Torricans: once all blue-skinned, the Torricans have spent the past seven generations of war creating a new subset of their race, a group that looks human in every way…but that, like all Torricans, can still mind-control humans.Oria’s crew has been handpicked for their loyalty and courage. She has known each one of them for years. But when things start to go wrong on the ship, she has to face the fact that ...
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