David Beers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 240

FROM AMAZON'S BEST SELLING AUTHOR COMES A BRAND NEW THRILLER ... START THE BEST-SELLING SERIES TODAY!It's time for your operation.Christian Windsor is a certified genius.He’s also autistic. Social situations? Not for him. Friends? No thanks.At 23 years old, with two PhDs, Christian joins the FBI’s most dangerous division. The Exceptional Crimes Unit.His first assignment? A serial killer on a rampage. Nicknamed The Surgeon, he’s cutting the eyeballs out of women.That’s not the only psychopath lurking in the shadows, though. There’s another, and Christian can’t see him: his partner. The world renowned psychiatrist, Luke Titan.Bodies are showing up with dark holes instead of eyes, and Christian is racing against time to understand The Surgeon’s identity before more die.
Can he stop The Surgeon, though, before his own partner kills him?If you like Stephen King or The Silence ...
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