Simone Pond
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 208

An unfinished prophecy. A diabolical witch. Another high-octane adventure.Jordan has an ancient prophecy to fulfill. She’s led her people out of Mysterium and now their ships are traveling north on the River Elin. But they must fight off enemies at every bend, and figure out a way to get through the Rankin Canal to the promised land.Jordan learns that somewhere in the city of Endor is the only person who can get the ships through the Rankin Canal: Isabella the enchantress. But there is a problem. Standing in Jordan’s way is the most powerful, treacherous, and conniving witch in Endor, Glendora. And she wants to strike a deal with Jordan.Forced into the contract and sent into an illusory realm, Jordan tracks down Isabella and together they stave off menacing witches, cagey shifters, cut-throat demons, and fire-spewing dragons. Glendora’s deal is not quite what she bargained for ...
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