Colleen Masters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 125

Colt JacksonShe may have gotten away once before, but I’ll never let her out of my sight again.I’m going back to my shithole hometown to reclaim what I lost, to take that sweet innocent redhead and finally do everything I wanted to do to her ten years ago.Losing is part of the game…but so is fighting to the death for what you want.Riley Weston‘The Quarterback and the Cocktail Waitress’…I can see the headlines now. But here he is in front of me, in all his beautiful 6’ 5’’ tall muscular glory…My legs start to tremble beneath me as I lock eyes with him. A warm rush of need spreads through my body, and it hits me all at once that this is happening. This is really happening… I’m about to strip down to the lacy bra and panties I bought especially for this occasion, go back out there, and give myself to the man who first taught me what pleasure was. A man I’ve wanted ...
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