Jeff Jones
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 375

Sous vide is the directly new technology of preparing food that can cook not only delightful food but also very healthy for our body.A unique technology, for many years, was available only for the restaurant business. Now, this miracle machine can easily fit in your kitchen and delight you with gorgeous breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.The sous vide has a lot of advantages:Easy preparation of food (you do not need to care about the cooking process)The taste of cooked food (it is impossible to get overcooked or burnt food),Cooking schedule (you can set the time of cooking and save your own time)The sous vide machine can cook as vegetables, fruits, as meat, poultry, and seafood.With our book you'll discover the amazing recipes under various sections such asbreakfast,lunch,side dishes,main dishes,snacks and appetizers,fish and seafood,poultry,meat,vegetable mealsThere are several reasons ...
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