Jasmine Ashford
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 136

London, 1812...An Abandoned Title….The life of a midshipman offered Wesley, Earl of Rippon, exactly the kind of life that he required. Rising through the ranks of Britons finest naval fleet, Wesley had all but forgotten the haunting screams that drove him from his home. Content to leave behind his title and everything it represented, there was nothing in the world that could make him reclaim the life he left behind... Nothing but her.A Britain Beauty…Waiting a long time for the day she would have her chance to perform her theater debut, Lola had hardly expected that she would become Britain’s most famed actress. It was a long way from her days spent singing on the street for coin. But she would never regret the day her urchin ways had drawn the attention of a Navy midshipman. And Cold Blooded Murder…But when Lola's theater day is ripped apart by a host of brutal murders, and ...
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