Marco T. Brand
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 400

+ Bonus Book Welcome to the little big book all about Pencil Sketching! You may be asking yourself right now from the beginning, what do we mean by pencil sketching? Well that is pretty simple to explain. You see something out there in the world and you think to yourself, man I would love to draw that. So you grab a piece of paper and a pencil, and then bam! You draw the thing that you had thought of drawing using a pencil. Although, as simple as that sounds, this is a little more complex than that. Only in the way that there are many different kinds of sketching, and this kind is specifically a little different than the others. You will learn how to draw: -What you’ll need about pencil techniques -The Basics of pencil techniques -Dimensions, Perspective and Textures -How to draw flowers -How to draw animals -How to draw fruits -How to draw person -Drawing different objects -How to ...
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