Mercy Levy
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 1325

Maddie is a widow who is struggling with the past. She lost her husband and her child both to scarlet fever around the holidays a few years ago, and she has never forgiven the world for what happened to her. She has become a recluse, and only wants to be left alone, but the need for money drives her out into the world. When she loses the only job she could find in months, Maddie knows she has to think of something, and fast, or she’s going to end up on the streets in the middle of winter.Out of desperation, she becomes a mail-order bride and heads to the plains of Wyoming. She marries a man who is kind and sweet, and reminds her of her husband. But, her new groom seems to hold a secret that she can't uncover, and she begins to become suspicious of him.Then, when they are given a life-changing surprise, Maddie must fight to hang on to everything she loves and holds dear. With ...
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