Stella Hart
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 158

UNDERSTANDING QUANTUM MECHANICS IN THE BIBLICAL VIEWS OF SOULS, TWIN SOULS, AND AFTERLIFE. Inspired by a true story, Our Lives Are Connected is a mystery unleashed in logic, a code-breaking epiphany, and a "term paper" to heaven as a plea for a lost love.In the mid-2008, a young man and woman met online, fell in love, and wind up spending 11 days together in the Philippines. The date of their utopian meeting had found a connection to a chaotic event back in the year 1752 in the UK. The couple's holiday was more than a premonition; it was a doorway of epiphany that allowed them to codify 11 laws of Quantum Mechanics describing their relationship, and later on discovered the Word of God in the algorithms...Using the method of Aristotelian Metaphysics, Jason and Stella employed Quantum Mechanics in illustrating the nature of souls with the characteristics of light or quanta. Not a personal ...
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