Maxene Novak
ASIN: B071Z643JP
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 228

Nova Pierce is a lonely up and coming artist in Chicago's rock scene with her band Nova Rose. While she struggles with writing a new song she finds that her life is lacking inspiration.Things taken an interesting turn when her best friend and band mate, Adam, asks her out on a date. Little do they know that their date would turn the tide for 'Nova Rose' when the couple does an acoustic performance at a local nightclub. A video of the event surfaces on social media exploding the band's success and catching the eye of a talent scout for a major record label.In this 50,000 word novel,Here's My Heart, just as things are about to look up, Adam divulges a secret that could change the fate of the band for better or worse. Serious tension and jealousy arises when talent scout and former professor Dorian James arrives to represent the band. Will 'Nova Rose' survive or will they go down in flames ...
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