Mercy Levy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 2177

After the death of her husband, Melanie Greenstone leaves Atlanta, Georgia, before the 'War Between the States' began. Choosing to start a new life in Sacramento, California, she travels west with the desire and hope to somehow find happiness and peace. But when a strange card player and a snow storm causes her trouble, she ends up stuck in a small town in Nevada. Unknown to Melanie, the town is filled with hidden secrets that are kept silent by a dangerous man.When Melanie meets John, a man who is half-Paiute and half-white, she soon learns that he is a man tortured inside of his heart. Taking a leap of faith, Melanie decides to wrap her heart around John and soon learns the source of his misery and anger. Convincing John to escape to Sacramento with her, Melanie creates a risky plan to leave during the snow storm. But when the strange card player shows up with a deadly plan to catch ...
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