Sophie Dawson
Publisher: Eulea Publishing
Pages: N/A

Whitney’s infested with sixteen Dalmatians, fourteen of which are puppies. Who would have thought they’d bring her and Keith together?Doctor Keith Austin is all set to enjoy lunch in the park in his new town when suddenly a bunch of spots appear before his eyes. Fourteen rambunctious Dalmatian puppies to be exact, all after one thing, his food. Limping along far behind them is the beautiful Whitney Houston. Bleeding from being knocked down and dragged by her spotted horde how can the good doctor not come to her rescue. The only problem is he isn’t looking for love. He wants to focus on work and God. But Whitney has more than she can bear. What’s a Christian Doctor to do?Whitney doesn’t need help she has been self-reliant all her life. She runs a small jobs construction company and doesn’t need anyone to look out for her. That is until her big brother dumps his two pregnant ...
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