Beatrice Sand
ASIN: B077KF762V
Publisher: Sand Publishing
Pages: 376

Silence drops over us again. Laurel picks up her glass and swirls the wine, smelling it with her eyes closed. She takes another deliberate sip, holding the liquid in her mouth, savoring it before swallowing. Slowly, she places the glass back onto the table as she opens her eyes. “I’ll take you up on your offer, Sam,” she says hoarsely, shoving the glass over to me.Mixed emotions assault me as we hold each other’s gaze. I want to pull her against me, suck that bottom lip, thrust my tongue inside her mouth to taste the sweetness, anything, but I just keep staring into her eyes, nailed to my seat."The characters, storyline were so well designed that you can't put the book down till it was finished." ~ Karen, Amazon "I enjoyed the new angle on the Greek mythology and how it came to life in modern times." ~ Jennifer, Amazon"Spicy and sweet all in one. It does have sexual content but ...
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