Elaine Levine
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 6

When CIA Agent Mike Folsom is found beheaded in a Denver alley hours after speaking to an informant about a potential terrorist cell being formed in the local Muslim community, retired SEAL Levi Jones is activated to find his killer. The informant herself is a suspected co-conspirator...but she's the only one who can bring him inside the close-knit community.
 Zaida Hassan knows her parents are disappointed with her--and not because she writes sexy contemporary romances. No, they're upset with her for something much more salacious--she's failed to settle down in a marriage and provide them with grandchildren. 
Zaida's grateful her parents don't know the worst of her secrets. But Jamal Abd al-Mukhtar does, and he's leveraging that knowledge against her. He's the reason she sought out Agent Mike Folsom, a friend from way back.  The help Mike sends her is a man straight from the ...
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