Michelle Carmelo
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 250

A full-length 265 page book. Read for Free with your KU membershipWicked Women will take you into the darkest world of women killers. The ten cases in this book shed light on some of the most disgusting, vile, and evil killers known to humankind. These women disregarded everything that was right to fulfill their own selfish needs preying and hurting anyone in their path. IncludesKatherine Knight, who stabbed her partner to death and then skinned him. She put his skin on a meat hook, cooked his head and parts of his body, and placed them together with vegetables on plates with placecards with his children's names. Tiffany Hall, murdered her pregnant friend, cut the unborn child from the womb, and then killed the victim's 3 other childrenKristen Gilbert, a nurse who was convicted of 4 murders and 2 attempted murders of patients admitted to a VA Hospital These and 7 other grizzly ...
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