Lee H. Haywood
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 378

On sale to celebrate the forthcoming release of The Wayward Prince. Both books are on sale for a limited time! A plague is turning the citizens of Mayal into killers. Now a swordsman, a drunk, and a dragon must find the sorceress with the cure. Emethius Lunen has never been one for killing. Although he is one of the best swordsmen in the land, as captain of the Red Company, he usually orders his men to do the fighting. But when Prince Meriatis attempts to overthrow the throne, Emethius can't keep his hands clean.Now Prince Meriatis is dead, and Emethius is to blame. Everyone believes the prince was simply insane, but Emethius has his own dark theory. It appears Prince Meriatis was afflicted by the Blackheart, a sickness that causes one to slowly lose their mind to an ancient deity known as the Shadow.There are rumors of a sorceress who can cure the affliction, but she has gone into ...
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