Lee H. Haywood
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 378

Never trust the promise of a dragon. Emethius Lunen is learning that lesson the hard way. One of the best swordsmen in the realm, Emethius has spent his life serving the royal family. But his oath is challenged when the Crown Prince attempts to overthrow his own father, forcing Emethius defend the royal family from itself.Most believe that Prince Meriatis longs for power, but Emethius has his own dark theory. He believes the prince is afflicted by the Blackheart, a sickness that causes its victims to slowly lose their mind to an ancient deity known as the Shadow. Torn by his friendship to Prince Meriatis and his loyalty to the High Lord, Emethius doesn't know what to do.But when a mysterious dragon name Ftoril offers Emethius a way to save both the prince and the realm, Emethius can't refuse the offer. Ftoril claims to know of a sorceress who can cure the Blackheart. The only problem ...
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