Melissa Winn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

“WITH A GOOD SHARE OF FAMILY CUDDLES…”,said Baby Giraffe,“…YOU SAY GOODBYE TO ALL YOUR TROUBLES!”Is there anything more important for kids than feeling the love of their parents? Join Baby Giraffe´s friends in this new beautiful book about family love and care! The little ones will have a great time following forest dwellers around this sweet and funny story and they will meet Baby Giraffe´s loving family. This book is specially thought for 2-3 year old, but anyone who likes a good snuggle will love it! As always, it is full of incredible colorful illustrations and funny, bright rhymes. In this edition, Baby Giraffe´s friends are having an amazing time with their families as they receive a good share of hugs and kisses. My book about hugs and kisses was inspired by Sue Gerhardt. In her book "Why Love Matters", he suggests the following benefits of hugs and ...
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