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The Angry Whippet
Publisher: The Angry Whippet
Pages: 147

Did you know that spicy food helps you lose weight?Do you know what the collective name for a group of hippos is?Or how fast information travels in the human brain?There are endless bits of fascinating and entertaining information that can be learned. Much of it may not be of any use in your everyday life, but imagine being able to recall it at will and impress your friends when you are down the pub or taking part in a quiz.The Intriguingly Interesting Book of 555 Fascinating Facts has plenty to keep you interested and covers a huge range of topics, like:★ The animal world★ Science and space★ History★ Sport★ The Human body★ Communication★ The Earth★ And lots more…You may never need to know what size a koala is at birth, where to find zombie ants, or how much beer is lost in facial hair every year. But then again, you just might.You don’t have to risk not knowing really bizarre facts and ...
Amazon Rating:
5 stars from 37 ratings