Details of changes made to the site will be shown here. If you experience any unexpected behavior or obvoius bugs, please do contact us.

29th Apr 2022
Removed FaceBook comments on book detail pages.
Allow users to change the lendable status of books.

28th Apr 2022
Fixed bug affecting ordering of borrows and lends by status.

12th Apr 2022
Fixed bug where if all lends were viewed and an error occurred, it wasn't possible to view a lesser number of lends.

11th Apr 2022
Internal security fixes that may cause inconsistent behavior with some browser plugins.

23rd Mar 2022
Fixed a bug where logging in via the popup window failed to complete correctly.

9th Mar 2022
Some users of iPhones and the Safari browser have experienced problems when clicking on lending links. The formatting of the link has been changed slightly to see if this solves the issues. The lender's name has also been made anonymous.