Ron H. Foster
ASIN: B001167WOE
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 200

Citizens Guide to Survival Preparedness for Pandemic & Bioterrorism Related Illness Do You Actually Know What It Will Be like to Be Placed in Quarantine or Isolation? Do You Know What Legal Basis The Government Will Use To Halt Travel, Barricade Roads, Detain Tourists, And Force Inoculations? This Is But A Few Of The Measures The Government Plans To Impose On The Public Should An Epidemic Break Out In The United States. Are You And Your Family Prepared For This Likely Event? Will You Be Able To Cope? Get the Inside Story and Facts You Need To Know Before The Next Pandemic Strikes or The Avian Flu Mutates. This Book Was Researched And Written by an Emergency Management Administration And Planning Specialist Who Wants To Share His Knowledge And Increase Your Chances Of Survival.
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