Edward C. Patterson
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Pages: 118

The Trail of Tears left a deep mark on the Cherokee nation, a mark that still ripples through the descendants of that culture. It should also leave an indelible mark on the current conscience. Come, Wewoka - Poems on the Trail of Tears is a collection of heartfelt reflections on Cherokee culture during those days and after. Diary of Medicine Flower - Cherokee Aphorisms is prose-poetry reflecting Cherokee views on modern life. Together, these two works provide a sense of the vibrancy of Cherokee culture that is far from faded, but in well worth the sampling. Edward C. Patterson (Nv-wo-di A-tsi-lv-s-gi) is the author of several cross-cultural novels, including Bobby's Trace, No Irish Need Apply and Cutting the Cheese. His recent poetry anthology, The Clandestine Closet, has been well received.
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