Mark Shepard
Publisher: Simple Productions
Pages: 42

********#1 AMAZON.COM BESTSELLER IN WAR & PEACE (JUNE 2013)******** *********#1 KINDLE (INDIA) BESTSELLER IN POLITICS (NOV. 2015)********* *****#1 KINDLE (INDIA) BESTSELLER IN SOCIAL SCIENCES (NOV. 2015)*****   "All my actions have their source in my inalienable love of humankind." -- Gandhi   Mahatma Gandhi is one of the least understood figures of all time -- even among his admirers. In this Annual Gandhi Lecture for the International Association of Gandhian Studies, Mark Shepard tackles some persistently wrong-headed views of Gandhi, offering us a more accurate picture of the man and his nonviolence.   /////////////////////////////////////////////////   "A model of Gandhian journalism. . . . [Shepard] has put his finger on seemingly all of the popular (and some less common) misconceptions of both Gandhi and his philosophy, including some particularly important ones. . . . This ...
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