Kelly J. Perotti
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 118

Am I ready to be a mom (and will I be good at it)? How do I make that happen (sex ed was so long ago)? When does morning sickness end (and why does it last all day)?Why is everyone touching my belly (and how do I make them stop)?Are contractions supposed to hurt this bad (or am I being a sissy)?Is this kid supposed to eat so often (and will my shirts ever button again)? Where is the old me (and do I even want her back)?The frank humor and refreshing honesty with which Crib Notes approaches conception, pregnancy, and parenthood will not only provide a welcome distraction from all those questions in your pretty little head, but will offer some explanations along the way as well.Crib Notes is the much-needed alternative to clinical how-to books, and tales of resentful moms, that leave you with questions (and feeling alienated). This real life account of conception, pregnancy, and ...
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