Troy Adams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 92

Finding My Marbles is a book you can read and live. Discover the timeless principles that guide the characters in the book and that will help you in your search for a more fulfilling life! Monica learns the first principle from a 5-year old boy named Conor. Enjoy this sample. Monica was anxious to leave the store, but something about Conor reminded her of happier times... Monica carefully observed Conor... His bright, sky blue eyes were accented by a string of freckles sprinkled from one cheek to the other... His boyish grin was genuine. He looked sublimely happy to be purchasing a small bag of marbles. She noted how he watched the cashier scanning his bag of marbles with breathless anticipation. That will be three dollars and twenty-three cents, said the cashier with a hint of kindness in her eyes. Conor produced a wadded up five-dollar bill from his pocket and gave it toward the ...
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