Meryl McQueen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 75

Begin. I am ten now. Ten, two times five times one a million times over if I want. Or ten, ten ones are ten every time. Ten. Dad says it's Asperger's, syndrome is a sickness, not like a bellyache but sometimes an earache or a brainache. AS means that some things that other kids think are easy are not so easy for me, and some things that other people think are hard are simple as pie for me.Look look look. Follow me, do not follow, look. That is what they say. They: Jan, Mom, Dad, Lucy. Look. They want to know what I remember. I remember everything.Follow the story of Leonard Anthony Pearce: brilliant, articulate, ambitious. And living each day with the challenges and opportunities of high-functioning autism, making his way in a confusing world.
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