David Toussaint
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 161

David Toussaint takes you on a journey through the center of "his" earth in TOUSSAINT! Satirical and sentimental, biting and bold, Toussaint combines pop culture, the political landscape, a dazzling array of divas, and his own self-indulgent past in ways few authors have ever attempted. Once you stop laughing at the writer's self-deprecation twinged with Chelsea Boy narcissism, you'll recognize an undercurrent of all-too familiar pain. His articles are "…melodies in my head, verses, some short, some long, some happy and some sad. While at times they touch on the world, at other times they are completely fictitious, except to me. Some are documentaries, some are the stuff of nonsense. All of them have been told before. The choruses change and the hook is different, but the rhythms come from the very same place.”TOUSSAINT! is an insightful, elegant work that offers a window into David ...
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