Joseph Rogers
Publisher: IPC Graphics
Pages: 200

In this fast-paced, science fiction / fantasy novel, the reader is presented with mysteries to solve. An alien named Haden, who wields devastating power, threatens life on earth. What sort of creature is Haden? What are his goals? Can he be stopped? Peter Landen, a young teacher, makes first contact with the alien forces. Later in the novel, Captain Edward Morley, the commander of the Emerald Warrior spaceship, leads a mission to Noelm, the planet where the mysterious Haden dwells. Landen, Morley, and their allies find that the situation of Noelm is complicated by a fellow American who has his own secret agenda. Joseph Rogers has four other novels that are available in Amazon Kindle editions as well as in softcover and hardcover editions. These four suspense novels are Maiden of Orleans: A Bayou Thriller, The Snow Maiden: A Suspense Thriller, Moonlight Warriors: A Tale of Two Hit Men ...
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