Kimber Adams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 280

Alone in a foreign country, separated from family and friends, with an antagonistic husband who is determined to protect self-interests and "win" his children. The Parentectomy is a captivating expose' of Parental Alienation.In a "winner takes all" culture, children caught in divorce have become the grand prize. Parents are only human, but when they indulge in their own unhealthy feelings and make a deliberate attempt to win a child's loyalty, they are perpetrators of bond abuse, also known as parental alienation. It is widely recognized that Parental Alienation is a serious form of child abuse that results in psychological injury to the child. Experts claim parental alienation among divorcing couples and the resulting Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in their children has reached pandemic proportions in our country. Coercing a child to devalue the bond they share with a parent ...
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