Charles W. Johnson
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Pages: 459

...Before they were Left Behind, There Was The Son of Man...Excerpt ...The room fell silent. Jim looked at the men sitting around the table. “You people can’t be serious,” he said softly. “Even though such a thing could be done your premise is utterly flawed. A clone of Jesus won’t make him Jesus. He’d be a twin—““No,” Bishop Hickie interrupted. “You don’t understand. He would be another son of God.”Jim closed his eyes and shook his head. “Look… all due respect to… everyone—but cloning human beings is a major negative. You should know that. It’s illegal now, and for damn good reason. Each animal cloned today represents hundreds of failures. Most clones are stillborn. The ones that live are likely to have horrendous mutations, many of which manifest later in life, usually killing the animal prematurely. What are we gonna do with the mutated baby ...
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