Liam James Leaven
Publisher: Etienne Press
Pages: 205

"An exciting first novel . . . think {MTV's} Real World on lithium and you begin to get a sense of what this exciting first novel is made of . . . an infectious romp guaranteed to entertain." -- Bookshop Santa CruzThe mysterious nature of women, coupled with what seems to be a life slated for nothingness, has Joy Boy reeling. His consequent search for Dude, and all that he must know, begins a zany quest for something, anything, with more meaning and staying power than the 18-word sitcom descriptions he writes for his job at the TV Talon Times. So begins a hilarious series of events filled with a wildly diverse array of impassioned, lonely and restless searchers, culminating in an explosion of pastoral bliss. "Somewhere between our ever-extending, post-adolescent existence and having a life, lies a burlesque netherworld. It is called Joy Boy's Chasm, and I have never before known it to ...
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