Reno Lovison
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 150

Ideal for small business owners, sales people and independent contractors who provide a service locally. This can include auto dealers, carpet cleaners, caterers, contractors, hairstylist, HVAC, handyman, piano- dance and martial arts instructors, real estates sellers, electricians, financial planners, therapists, medical practitioners, product sellers, website developers etc.You can build your business one person at a time through personal interaction, stimulating referrrals and using your business card to seal the deal. It's not hard, it's inexpensive and you can do a little everyday.With small businesses searching and spending in an effort to gain business,here comes Reno Lovison with a whole book full of realistic, inexpensive, gems.I'm trying to think of a better investment and I just can't. Good work Mr. Lovison!Jay Conrad LevinsonThe Father of Guerrilla MarketingAuthor ...
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