Tim Baker
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 344

Kurt’s life has been one dead end after another since he was convicted of attempted rape thirty years ago.Inspired by a dream, he thinks he’s finally found the way to Easy St. and it starts with kidnapping Vicky, the woman who had him arrested all those years ago.Surely Vicky’s husband, wealthy investment consultant Jimmy, would pay handsomely for the safe return of his wife.But Kurt soon learns that even Easy Street has its share of pot holes.After the road trip from Hell, Kurt arrives in Florida to learn that Jimmy is planning to leave Vicky and may not be interested in saving her. On top of that Jimmy’s mysterious mistress wants her own piece of the action.To make matters worse, Kurt gets on the wrong side of a biker, a bookie and an ex-Navy SEAL who seem determined to make the rest of his life as painful as possible.Meanwhile, Danny Putnam is enjoying life in Florida. He ...
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