Erin L. Snyder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 312

For more than a thousand years, Santa Claus has watched over the world's children. Once a bishop, he achieved immortality through magic and alchemy.He has spent centuries trying to teach generosity and compassion. Despite his considerable power, he has never tampered with history or politics: he has always trusted humanity to learn from its mistakes.But the horrors of World War II test his faith. He begins to wonder if the world needs more from his magic than toys and dreams. He sets out to find others like him, legends and myths that have withstood the ages, to ask their help building a world where the innocent will be safe.He finds allies in Peter, a strange creature who is neither rabbit nor man, and the Tooth Fairy, the last of her kind. But there are older legends in the world, and not all share Nicholas's sympathy for humanity....For Love of Children is the first novel from ...
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