Vimal Sehgal B.Tech. IIT Delhi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 222

Love is divine and Divinity is love personified. The author explains that divine love is the meaning of life and shows the reader how everyone can attain peace, love, immortality and happiness by the easy method of mantra meditation. The book elaborately describes love as the ultimate reality, love is divine, reincarnation and its significance, immortality and bliss, law of karma, mind and meditation, bhakti yoga and the art of dying. The book also presents a synthesis of science and religion by explaining the fundamentals of life and consciousness and by giving the characteristics of life and matter. Included are some fascinating tales from ancient Vedic scriptures which illustrate the philosophy with the medium of real life drama. Love is the highest value. From our experience we can surmise that the feeling of love is the most pleasing and gives us ecstasy and pleasure. The ...
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