Simon j Rosser
Publisher: Schmall World Publishing
Pages: 263

Fact: The planet is warming up... Latest figures show temperature has increased by 1.5F since 1880...Sea level is rising by 3.18 mm a year...Carbon dioxide levels now stand at 395 PPM (Parts Per Million)...And Arctic sea ice is decreasing by 12% per decade, according to NASA.Whether you accept that global warming and climate change is caused by humankind or not, The A-Z of Global Warming 2nd Edition will take you on a journey through the world of climate change science and the environment. This Kindle book has now been updated in 2013, complete with hyperlinks that take the reader to news articles and source material! Confused about climate change? Need clarification of the science? Concerned about the adverse weather conditions that seem to be affecting the Earth? This book is for you. A complete A-Z guide on global warming, climate change science and related environmental science, set ...
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