Carl Hershey
ASIN: B00381AK76
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Pages: 156

Reversing Thrust is the reflective story of its writer's spiritual transformation into manhood, set in loosely scattered vignettes amidst the paralleling trip of his lifetime, while flying onboard the Concorde. It speaks clearly to the subject of fatherhood, using the author's personal experience as illustration, comparing a child's relationship with his or her biological father and the adult child's later understanding and acceptance of the heavenly Father, or God. The story includes spiritual healing within the writer's life, his relationship with his father, his mother's early death, and his coming to the place of acceptance of his own life.This story will captivate you from the beginning and will leave you pondering at the finish. It will certainly strike chords of familiarity in the lives of many people by association and comparison. Read it, and you will need additional copies to ...
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