J Bennett Allen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 302

A young woman is brutally murdered, shot in the face at point blank range. Her boyfriend is found dead two days later. Suicide by gunshot. The case goes nowhere for three years until, from the depths of alcohol and drug addiction, a friend changes her story. Her ex-boyfriend stands accused of murder. Four teenage lives are shattered. Relive the trial. Hear the testimony. Deliberate the evidence. Render your verdict. Only after your decision is irrevocable will you learn what really happened. Welcome to the world of the Skeptical Juror.Based on a true case, the reader becomes a member of the jury, observing trial testimony of witnesses and participating in deliberations. The drama behind the scenes in the jury room resolves with the explanation of what the actual jury decided, and the subsequent information that has come to light. Forensic evidence, clearcut jury manipulation and the ...
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