Grace Zolla Protano
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 216

In Grace Zolla Protano's touching memoir we meet the people who most impacted her life: her brothers Jack and Sal, who gave her strength and laughter; her father Anthony , who showed her gentleness and character. We see her mother Fiorentina, who taught her kindness and wonder, but whose emotionally crippling illness stole half a childhood.Set mainly in Brooklyn in the 1950s, As Long As You Can See the Clock, You're Okay is a recollection of growing up with a unique love embodying joy and sadness; pride and shame; tenderness and cruelty.We sing along with the doo-woppers; we drool over the teen idols as we cheer throughout Alan Freed's Rock and Roll Revue at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater. We play Ringo Levio, Kick the Can and Iron Tag until our moms look out their windows and call us in.The author longs for her absent mother and we cry with her; she feels a safety just by seeing ...
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