Leah Leonard
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 252

On her way to a weekend ski vacation, Natalie Locke is involved in a head-on collision on a snowy highway and finds herself traveling through the space between life and death, where she sees a Native American man who visited her rock shop earlier that day.Lone Eagle went to Locke’s Rocks in Albuquerque to find an important tribal artifact and return it to his father, Chief Looking Elk. Before the elderly chief passes away, he makes Lone Eagle promise one thing – to teach Natalie the ways of their tribe.There’s only one problem – Natalie suffered a coma from her injuries. Now, Lone Eagle must use his medicine as a Native American Shapeshifter to travel between worlds and help the girl get home. In the process, he learns a dark secret, and the painful past he shares with the Locke family threatens to destroy his tribal legacy.Will Natalie wake up and return to the world of the ...
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