Ervin Laszlo
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Digital Sales Inc.
Pages: 196

The shift from scientific materialism to a multidimensional worldview in harmony with the world’s great spiritual traditions• Articulates humanity’s critical choice--to be the last decade of an outgoing, obsolete world, or the first of a new and viable one• Presents a new “reality map” to guide us through the environmental, scientific, and geopolitical upheavals we are experiencingOur world is in a Macroshift. The reality we are experiencing today is a substantially new reality--climate change, global corporations, industrialized agriculture--challenging us to change with our rapidly changing world, lest we perish. In this book, Ervin Laszlo presents a new “reality map” to guide us through the world shifts we are experiencing--the problems, opportunities, and challenges we face individually as well as collectively--in order to help us understand what we must do during ...
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