Renford Reese
ASIN: B003K15E1G
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 203

Original and daring, Hong Kong Nights is a pulse-pounding romance with a message. The story introduces us to Marshawn and Cassy who are battling different cultural traditions with the will to be together. Raised in poverty, Marshawn, an African American, is invited to Hong Kong by his expatriate uncle to get him far away from the gang violence and dangerous streets of Los Angeles. Within a week of arriving in Hong Kong, Marshawn secures a job as a janitor at an art museum in Hong Kong. Unbeknownst to the management in the museum, he is a brilliant artist and art historian. Cassy is a Hong Kong native who is completing her final year at the prestigious Hong Kong Art Institute. An aspiring sculptor, her creativity and growth are about to be stifled by her chauvinistic fiancé. Destiny brings Cassy and Marshawn together in the hippest nightclub in Hong Kong. Their common connection to art ...
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