Steve Dodds
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 316

So a horse walks into a bar and starts discussing Descartes. Welcome to Clyde's Tale, as a bemused writer is tricked by his imaginary horse into journeying to legendary Frisco. There they become obsessed by love, death and a woman with black holes instead of eyes. A detective story, a love story, a fable; Clyde's Tale is a rambunctious stew of life, literature, licentiousness and many other words beginning with 'L'. A literary mystery in all senses of the word, Clyde's Tale was described by Joe Konrath, author of Whiskey Sour, as "Funny. Insane, but funny. You'll go far in this business. Chris Moore, Eric Garcia and Bill Fitzhugh are good examples." Clyde's Tale is undoubtedly the first time an imaginary horse, Nietzsche-quoting ruffians, the history of spats, assault with a fish, James Joyce, death by moose head, a potty-mouthed munchkin, and a famously lost manuscript have appeared in ...
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