Bruce Wilkins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 258

The second novel in The Count of Cape Hatteras series. After firmly establishing his expanding empire, the Count of Cape Hatteras is beyond the agony of his return and the achievement of his revenge. From his home base on Hatteras Island on the North Carolina coast, he has sent operatives searching the rest of the country and beyond for a woman from his deep and dark past. One who slipped silently away to find her own hidden kingdom.Two years later, she is found. What begins is a new kind of battle for the Count of Cape Hatteras. A small, out-of-the-way town in western North Carolina that exists under the heavy thumb of a corrupt, good ole boy system. But far more than the clash of two cultures is a personal battle that now confronts the Count. A battle far more difficult and painful than any he has survived. A battle that doesn't involve money or territory.A battle that involves love.
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