Chris J. Randolph
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 42

Welcome to the Hyperbolic Age, a prehistoric era when men were mighty, women were buxom, and neither could be trusted in the dark. Into this melodramatic yet somehow lost epoch strides a mighty figure, a king cursed to never again remember his homeland who wanders the thousand and one kingdoms in search of what he's lost. His name is Vengar, and he's a barbarian.Shudder with terror as our hulking hero faces unearthly creatures from the furthest reaches of possibility. Thrill as he seduces luscious ladies and wages war against vile sorcerers, and shake your head in dismay as he makes far too many decisions with that certain part of the male anatomy.In this episode...When Vengar comes to the sandstone city of Tensara, a mysterious maiden begs him to rescue her sister from a wicked sorcerer. He accepts the mission but it quickly turns into more than he bargained for, leaving him ...
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