Alvando Ray
ASIN: B003UD815U
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 370

This is an urban fiction novel depicting the life of a mulatto girl targeted for death since birth. The mentally, physically,& spiritually torn down progeny excels through overwhelming predicaments. However,mental stress and strain seem to hover over her entire life, blurring her judgment and tarnishing her spirit. She never really knew who or what she was? Nor did she know where she came from, or why these voices and visions plagued her life. Even after being abducted,abandoned,seriously deceived,and who knows what else,her life itself seemed to be a total mystery. The setting abruptly starts in a small rural town,then quickly migrates to much larger cities,then around the world. When Kecia finally manages to get her life on track, she meets a man that would normally be considered a forbidden mate,that intensifies the mind-boggling journeys that she faces.Venture ...
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