Robert John Burke
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 329

A Book of Hours: Shadows Walking opens on a parched Arizona landscape, where Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Rachel Navarro is about to be drawn into the strangest case of her life: A missing girl seems to have been lured to her doom by an angel. Rachel's partner turns up beheaded, the victim of a serial killer whose list of crimes has been growing for centuries. The United States Marshal who commandeers the case claims to be two thousand years old and wears the emblem of the Knights Templar. All this takes place before the Norse werewolf comes to town, before Rachel meets the star-crossed lovers whose life stories were told by Shakespeare, and before she learns she's a half-witch. She's having kind of a bad week. Combining a fully realized fantasy world with the breakneck pace of a modern-day thriller and a cast of eccentric characters drawn from history and legend, A Book of Hours ...
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